Hairy Muscle Bear Nate Playinig With Rusty G


Hairy muscle bear Nate Pierce got a call from Rusty after they met at the lodging exercise center and traded numbers. Rusty loves bulky daddies and muscle bear Nate had everything the Ginger Giant was searching for. Hairy muscle bear Nate’s a unique example: solid body with heaps of hide, remembering a stunning white fix for the focal point of his chest; tattoos and a huge amount of attractive piercings. He has an enormous ruler albert, and rings at the base of his scrotum in addition to 3 guiche piercings. His voice is profound and hot and he’s an attractive fucker for sure. After they get settled on the couch, the chickens immediately come out and Rusty and hairy muscle bear Nate trade oral and some smooth rimming, yet Nate needs it profound and he spreads his legs for Rusty to screw him crude, hard and profound! Large Red can hardly wait to screw this messy daddy sans protection and the two of them are in paradise! You get an incredible perspective on Nate’s strained abs while he’s getting screwed on his back, and he gives Rusty some assistance to get him to heave his heap of hot jizz.

Actors: Nate Pierce / Rusty G

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