Hot Muscle Bear Brad Kalvo Fucks Son Tate Ryder


Hot Muscle Bear Brad Kalvo finally meets Tate. While Tate Ryder can’t keep his hands off of overly shaggy muscle bear Brad Kalvo. So Tate’s hands rub Brad’s shaggy pecs, shoulders, and arms as he kisses down his body. Tate unfastens Brad’s jeans and slips them off. In the wake of playing with Brad’s rear end, Tate chooses to profound throat Brad’s hot chicken. When Brad Kalvo’s cock is rock hard he hurls Tate Ryder onto the bed where he continues to take his jeans off and suck Tate’s dick.

Tate at that point jumps down on the ground and Brad delves his tongue into his tight opening. Brad slips his solid rooster into Tate’s rear end and pounds away as Tate groans. Tate sits on Brad’s cock and rides it harsh as Brad plays with his own areolas (this truly turns Brad on). Brad chooses to reclaim control and screws Tate eye to eye until Tate shoots his heap all over his abs. Brad Kalvo pops his warm burden all over Tate’s dick and balls. Tate Ryder takes some cum and spreads it on his areolas at that point Brad hangs over for a provocative “thank you” kiss.

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