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Mature Muscle Bears Jake And AJ Marshall Barebacking Muscle Stud Jaxx


Mature Muscle bears Jake and AJ Marshall are both hot and they have taken muscle whelp Jaxx Thanatos back to their room for some hot fun! They start by investigating each other’s bodies and taking in the aroma of one another as their garments fall off. AJ goes directly for Jaxx’s large bristly built ass and he edges him profound while Jaxx sucks to cockerel of hot polar bear Jake. Mature muscle bears AJ and Jake then switch and Jake edges Jaxx while AJ and Jaxx 69 one another. Jake then screws Jaxx’s butt crude with his hard chicken while Jake keeps on sucking Jaxx’s rooster as he watches Jake’s cock go all through the hot bushy ass. AJ then fucks Jaxx on his back while Jaxx sucks Jake. Jaxx then jumps down on the ground and Jake keeps on screwing him profound and hard. He pushes Jaxx level on the best and heap drives his rear end while Jake urges him to screw more earnestly and more profound. He shoots his heap into Jaxx’s anxious gap and afterward Jake comes behind him and keeps on screwing Jaxx’s gap and includes his own smooth burden. Every one of the three breakdown on the best depleted and satiatied.

About Jake Marshall

This silver hairy daddy experienced childhood with a homestead in the nation. He prefers other manly, solid men, with a pleasant body, shaggy chest, facial hair, large arms, and a huge dick. This daddy is flexible, and he wants to suck cock , profound throating, and getting sucked. At the point when he best, inclines toward them to be marginally more youthful and shorter (assuming the daddy job). He cherishes getting screwed and reared. His greatest dream is being the base in a crude posse blast. Mature muscle bears like Jake are just adorable.

Jake has an extraordinary body, is extremely attractive, and his noteworthy silver white facial hair is sufficient to make anybody need him to be their daddy. Also, he’d unquestionably be glad to do that (wink). We need more mature muscle bears like Jake or AJ.

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