NY Str8 Men – Blowing Vicent


Meet Vicent! (Not Vincent). He is a local brought into the world New Yorker of Spanish guardians ( Not generally Spanish they are from the Catalan area of Spain). Vicent is in his mid 40’s and functions as a barkeep in an enormous NYC night club. He was hitched twice, during that time he worked development for a forrmer father-in-law. Vicent is a “player”….a hot blooded women man. He has a FAT hairy cock and he adores getting it sucked. He can’t generally locate a female mouth that can oblige his enormous cock. So as any horny Latin person would do, he lets periodic folks draw him off, if they can fit it all in their mouth and throat.

Three pointer couldn’t stand by to support this hairy strong man. Vicent was truly anticipating a stunning sensual caress after all the promotion we informed him regarding Trey’s cocksucking aptitudes. Vicent kicked back and delighted in the penis massage. He plunked down and spread his strong legs and welcomed Trey to get down on his knees between them. He was driven wild by Trey’s mouth…when he was unable to take it any longer, he stood up, requested Trey to continue sucking, looked directly down at his very own cocksucker and shot his heap all over him!

Actors: Vicent

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