NY Str8 Men – Italian Daddy Rocco


Meet Italian Daddy Rocco! His name says everything! He is a DOMINANT, Blond, Hairy Italian. He is a local from Staten Island. He says that he is the King of Staten Island!

Italian Daddy Rocco overshadows everybody, he remains at 6’5 and is fabricated like a block shithouse, so you won’t be astonished to discover that he is a bouncer at a club and furthermore an individual protector.

He just turned 40, has two or three children and a few ladies throughout his life, normally. Italian Daddy Rocco has that thick New York highlight that is the fixing on the cake!

At the point when Italian Daddy Rocco strolled it..it resembled he sucked up all the air in the room, his energy coordinated his enormous solid body…he was the focal point of consideration and it just come normal, this person is the genuine article.

Rocco controlled this shoot, it was his way…give him headings?? Forgetaboutit! So we just did what he needed.

Need a verbal person?? He is the person for you!! He just ruled Trey and disclosed to him how to suck his dick. At that point when he was prepared, he just unloaded his heap directly down Trey’s throat. Italian Daddy Rocco says in the event that you don’t care for a person to cum in your mouth? Forgetaboutit, he is going to do it in any case.

Actors: Rocco

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