NY Str8 Men – Str8 Guys Blow Each Other


We had two hot studs, Vicent and Michael who planned to break in another cocksucker we were trying out.

They were at that point to go simply hanging tight for the sucker to arrive…waiting and waiting…finally we got a content from the cocksucker-cheerful who was lost originating from the metro.

We set the camera up and advised the folks to heat up a piece while we went first floor searching for the trying out sucker. At the point when we returned, they had begun, yet they began something that no one but THEY could wrap up!

From what we saw…it was incredibly HOT!!!!! So we took the film camera off the mount, got out the still camera (put the blaze off as not to interfere with the film) and completed the process of recording as they completed the hot scene they began, on the grounds that we left them all alone!

Due to the idea of this film, it is light on the stills, we took some at the outset and afterward there were some toward the end, we utilized a couple of screen gets to fill in, in spite of the fact that we don’t care for those. Who knows, if the watchers like what they see we may accomplish more films this way!)

With respect to that late cocksucker cheerful, search for him in a future movie…we utilized him in another film, we made him give a shot on another person who has a 11 inch cock!!! Kid did he have his mouth full!

Actors: Vicent

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